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Wholesale PVC Fence

Wholesale PVC Fence is a family owned and operated business, providing a new solution to the big box stores. It’s simple: Your provide us with your layout and specifications of the fencing project and we put together a complete package of all materials needed for either self-installation or we could install it for you. Never forgetting the top cap that you did not remember to buy. Our packages have all the materials that you will need for a beautiful and functional fence to install. Privacy fencing, semi-privacy fencing, pool enclosure fencing, picket fencing, rail fencing and more. Read more to determine how best we can serve you with your fencing needs.

Vinyl Fencing Priced By The Foot

Pricing vinyl fencing by the foot, (running feet or linear feet), is intended to give you a complete price as quickly as possible. The big box stores usually price all parts and pieces separately. When Home Depot or Lowes quotes a price for a panel of vinyl privacy fence for example, it appears at first glance to be very affordable. When all the pieces necessary are added together, the total price is usually much higher than we are and the quality is usually lower. Our prices include the posts, post caps, rails, pickets, lock pins, installation instruction and support. Utilize our Calculator.

How It’s Made

Made with two layers of 100% virgin materials; an outer layer of highly concentrated UV protection (tiPURE by Dupont), and inner layer of CPE—the toughest acrylic impact modifiers in the industry. Our products are 20-50% stronger/thicker than the competition and more durable. And you can also be reassured your purchase will stand the test of time—a stabilizer (Thermolite) prevents our products from looking chalky or grayed out over the years and a resin (Axiall 1091) makes extrusions impervious to rain and humidity. Last but not least, maintenance is minimal and requires only soap and water.


When comparing wood vs. vinyl, many think that wood must be better because it’s natural. On the contrary, vinyl has many environmental advantages over wood including its durability. The longer a product lasts, the less energy and other resources need to be used to replace it. A wood fence will be replaced over and over to get the same life span that a vinyl fence provides, making it a more wasteful material than vinyl.


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We utilize the best in technology

This partnership in technology expands our ability to offer customers practical and sound solutions to additional manufacturing applications for Vinyl and Fencing routing.

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Our Most Popular Types of Fencing


Vinyl fences meeting any preference.

The perfect backdrop to lush garden plantings or a lively backyard party, our privacy fence offers both seclusion and sophistication. Providing maximum privacy and minimal maintenance, we offer a wide variety of styles and designs to complement virtually any architectural style, from Georgian to contemporary. All of our privacy fences 6’ tall and below can be installed to withstand wind gusts of up to 130 mph. See Fences…


Perfect amount of security & style.

Our low maintenance, high-quality ornamental aluminum picket fencing is a great alternative to wrought-iron fence, pvc fencing, or wood picket fencing. Contact us today for more information. All of the sections come factory pre-assembled in 6’ lengths with a broad offering of heights—48”, 54”, 60”, and 72”. Custom lengths and heights are also available. Each section easily follows modest changes in grade along your property lines,  See Fences…


A simple solution with elegance.

Our classic picket fences can dramatically change the look of your yard adding beauty and warmth to the landscape. From simple straight-top to decorative scalloped-top looks, you’ll find a wide selection of styles to suit your tastes. And, our fences are designed to look the same on both sides. No matter which picket fencing style you select, you’re assured years of durable performance and maintenance-free satisfaction. See Fences…